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Tracking plane orientation no longer working in SDK 8


I've migrated from SDK 7.2 and noticed that the InstantTracker#setTrackingPlaneOrientation method is no longer working.

I don't see any errors when I call this method, but it just doesn't have any effect.

Maybe this has something to do with AR core?

Any ideas?



I've been experimenting some more with the InstantTrackerConfiguration in combination with PlaneDetectionConfiguration setting the PlaneFilter to ANY, but I still haven't found a way to enable vertical plane detection.

Hi Yannick,

Which version of our SDK are you using (JS API SDK, Native API SDK, Unity) and on which device (type, os version) are you running on? Are you using our example app or your own project?

Best regards,
Andreas Schacherbauer


I'm using native android API.
Currently testing on a Samsung S8, android version 8.0.0.

This is on my own project.

I also test using a ZTE Axon 7, for which I have another issue with the instant tracking (see:

Kind regards,


In case other people stumble on this same problem: 
I've received an e-mail that a wikitude developer will look into this ;)

Any news on this?

Kind regards,


It seems like plane orientation in combination with SMART is simply not supported..

That's a bummer.

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