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Rotation in Y axe don't rotate like it should

 Hello wikitude people,

With the new update of the wikitude studio, i uploaded a 3d object and when i rotate this using the Y axe, this rotates at the inverse direction of Z axe, maybe is a little issue that could be can be resolved, could you help us with this. I attach one example of what is happening. Thank you so much.

Rotate in Y axe

y axe

Rotates in Z axe

Z axe

Hello Sergio Ramírez,

You could try the following. Set all three rotation angles to zero and then try changing only one by one leaving all the others to zero. This should show that the rotation can be done on the respective axis. If you however have some rotation already applied. Say X rotation set to 270. This won't work anymore the way you expect it to. This is due to how the rotation is applied and can't be changed with just the angles.

To get the rotation along the Y axis could you try and use rotation tool? It is the one with the circular arrows around the text 3D. To get more exact values you could use the rotation tool see which angle need to change for rotating around a certain axis and then use the number input afterwards.

Please get back at us if you still need assistance. We're here to help.

Hello again,

Maybe i wasn't clear, the problem is that i can't rotate (transform) the object on the Y axis, this works with the generated pointclouds, with the labels, with images and button, but if you review the 3d objects, it doesn't rotate (transform) like it should and is impossible to locate this correctly.

Thank you for your help.


Hello Sergio Remírez,

We checked again and there seems to be no bug. The issue you experience seems to be the result of a gimbal lock and is due to the way the rotation works. To get the Rotation you want you could use the rotation tool in the 3d view.

If you have further issues we can try and gather more information on the topic as it is quite counter intuitive.

Hello Sergio Remírez,

Thank you for pointing out the issue to us. We could reproduce it, and we'll be working on it. We'll let you know as soon as we resolved the issue.

Sorry for my english, is axis, i confused it with axe(s) (plural).

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