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Face recognition for Titanium ?

Hi all,

I am new to Wikitude and want to understand if it is the right tool for me.

My main goal is to use Wikitude within Titanium for facial recognition.

My project needs the ability to scan a face and overlay reading glasses onto the face.

In the Titanium SDK Sample file, there is an example of a 2D image of face that can be scanned to augment glasses, but I need it to work using the mobile phone camera and scanning a real live person and augmenting in realtime.

Can Wikitude + Titanium does this?



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Thx for reaching out. With our JS API, Native API, Unity Plugin you can work with our Plugins API which allows you to integrate 3rd party libraries with the SDK. So you can e.g. integrate a face recognition or detection library (in the SDK sample app we offer a face detection Plugin implementation for reference). 

The Plugins API is not supported in the Titanium Extension though.



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