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iOS demands NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription even when not using it?

Hi! Making a simple cross-platform AR experience in Unity, and running into this (somewhat cosmetic) issue.

Why is it necessary to always include an NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription key in my info.plist, even if I'm not using any saving or exporting functions from the SDK? 
A lot of the documentation for Wikitude talks about only adding the NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription *if it's needed*, but it seems like it demands it no matter what, because the app store backend patently rejects builds that don't include it.

It's not a *HUGE* problem I suppose, but it kind of smells... Users are confused by the permissions prompt, because the privacy policy of our app already promises not to save or access any data, and our clients aren't happy with it, because we can't even explain why it's needed!

I've been digging around the xcodeproject trying to find a way to eliminate the need to include this, but it must be further upstream. Is there any way to prove to Apple that we aren't ever accessing the photo library for any reason?

If it's truly a hard requirement to include this usage description, then is there a good explanation for why? Is the app using local storage as temp storage during execution? Just kind of confused by this behavior.

It seemed like, for Android, it was sufficient to simply comment out the usage description from the AndroidManifest provided by the Wikitude Unity package (again, because we aren't using any functions remotely related to saving or loading user data). But there doesn't seem to be an equivalent for iOS, so I'm just not sure where the source of this is.

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Hi, it appears our email correspondence on this issue got tripped up. The email listed on this account is a toplevel forwarding email for our organization. I can't reply via that email directly, so I replied to you via my personal email at the same domain. I reused the subject line and copied the entire conversation thread to my response and hoped that would be enough to stay connected. That was 5 days ago, and I got an automated response back saying that you would be reaching out to me, but I haven't heard anything until today, when we received an email saying that we had not reached out. I'm sure I've caused a duplicate entry in your support system. Please continue correspondence through the second non-admin email, as I have no way of sending outgoing mail through that account.

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