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Exrension or modification of Radar POI draw within Java Script


I was wondering if it's possible to and how to go about extending or changing the Radar's POI draw method in the Java Script within the Wikitude JS examples.

That is,

1) How can I change how the radar's poi's, which are currently dots at a radial range, to be displayed as something different with possible additional poi labels (once the radar is scaled up)?

2) How could I change the function in how they are radially positioned and at what compass position?

Can I overload any class functions etc. and/or inherit AR.radar to a new class etc?

Thank you in advance.


The best way to start is to check out the sample app which comes with the SDK download package together with the respective documentation section.

Each section includes a set-up guide, which helps you set up your project and different POI samples which should explain the usage of the SDK and how to change the code.



Hi. I have been through the limited js documentation with regard to radar previously and have found nothing that helps with my questions.


We don't have specific samples which show how to change the radar scaling / layout. But this is standard js / css coding and also html coding tutorials can help you in this regards.



Please reread my questions. I'm after changing how the data points are displayed. Not scale or layout. Thank you.

Hi Murry,

Can you please explain in more details on what you wish to change in regards to the display of the radar - including an image  / description of how you wish to represent the POIs in the radar.

Thx and greetings


Hi. I wish to project all POIs to the circumference of an ellipse (depth projected circle) with a self location pointer in the centre. The ellipse being at least 3 times the size of the current radar and centered low as an overlay of the view regardless of screen orientation. Each POI represented as a range scaled vertical line on the ellipse with a simple small label (possibly the same label content as on the POI view markers). Attached is a very quick rough sketch. Hope this helps. Thanks and regards Murray

Adjustments of the viewing angle aren't possible at the moment.

Features are restricted to the JS documentation. You may customize visualization of the points as well as the radar itself.

Best regards,


Thank you. Can you please explain how with this documentation I can change how the points are displayed?

Please have a look at the sample application

You may e.g. replace the "radarCircle" with an ImageDrawable, and you're done.

Hope this helps.

Best regards

Thank you for your help. I have seen this before. Will have to determine if it helps me achieve what I'm after.
Thank you for your help but the radial 2d mapping of the points is not changeable and as you say the radar is limited to a flat overhead view. This js sdk is not going to allow me to realise my proposed design. Can the native sdk support my radar concept while providing a geolocation AR view?

Unfortunately, the AR.Radar is a special component only available in the JS environment.

I recommend you to implement your own custom View component and put it on top of the AR-View in your application.

You can process POI positions as well as device orientation independent from the AR environment and apply your custom data visualization techniques for locations.

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Is there as code sample that gives me an idea how to do this?

There is no sample application in place, but you may check out StackOverflow, educational or research pages to find related information.

Sorry to have no better news for you.

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