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No any option to upload video for Object recognisation in "Add Project"

I want to upload video for create my own .wto file but In "add project" option, Only allowed images and not option for video upload so how can i generate .wto file using video..?

Did you choose 'Object' instead of 'Image' as Type when you create your project? And did you then choose 7.0 as SDK version when asked for the SDK version.

If not please do so, as these are the project settings for SDK 7 based Object Recogntion.



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Ok got it in SDK 7 but now getting error when upload video "There was an error in the WTO generation. Please try again later".

My video size less then 10 MB.

my video was attach here so please check and reply if any wrong in recording

(1.3 MB)

I cannot upload video as a target object.

Was this option removed?


Please check the answer here:



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