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Android JS Architect stuck at loading icon

We have an issue with the Android build. 

If we leave the RuntimePermissionRequestActivity as the default one (first to launch), the AR content is loaded fine, but if we try to load that from another Activity, it gets stuck in the “loading” phase.

Also if it is the first activity, it works, we launch another activity and try to relaunch the Wikitude camera activity, it also gets stuck in loading.

It only loads the content while being the default activity to load, at app start.

Has anyone encountered this before?

Video attached (ignore the blank screen when Event is tapped as it is loading a webview page and URL isn't added in yet). AR Passport program launches the Wikitude Camera, tap any other activity, tap AR Passport program again > loading...


Hi Shen,

As you're entitled to suppurt via our ticketing system, we'll stick to the opened ticket and continue the communication there.



Got it thanks. Was thinking "sharing is caring" so others facing similar issues can refer to this. No worries.

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