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log and modify in c files

After download JS SDK Sample, 

all I do is remove the Code Content:


and rebuild the project

but when I aim at the QRCode , the Code Content: word is still there

and even I add below code in the same file , __android_log_print was added in initialize method.

but nothing happens , I use the same way to add log in pure NDK environment and it works , can I ask the possibility of this? thanks! 

#include <android/log.h>
__android_log_print(ANDROID_LOG_ERROR, "TRACKERS", "%s", "Test Log");

Hi Milly,

changing any of the code in the plugin files will not automatically take effect. The plug-in files are not recompiled when you re-build with gradle/Android Studio.

You need to go into <sample_app_root>/plugins/build.gradle and change `def rebuildPlugins = false` to `true` for that to happen.

- Daniel

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Thank Deniel .

After changing this variable , it works!

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