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I want to open an enhanced window of reality through the button from within the program

 how can I open any instance of the program that opens without opening the program?


Unfortunately I don't quite understand what you mean exactly. Please provide further details on what you're trying to achive.

Thx and greetings


Hi Nicola,
I want to remove the list from the application's interface and add a button, and when I press that button, the index.html I want in the instances I want to open

If I understand correctly you wish to open the AR view with the click on a button (e.g. open AR experience) --> then of course this is possible. You can check the initalization / loading of the AR view using our sample app and the respective documentation.

We don't offer a specific sample that loads the AR view using a button (in our sample app it's a list view) but I'm sure this helps as reference.



Thanks for your help.

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