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POIs position updated very slowly on Android

Hello there,
we've recently noticed that the SDK seems to have a rather noticable delay when updating POIs drawn in the AR view when the phone is moved. If the user rotates let's say 90 degrees, it takes about 5 seconds for the POIs to slowly move into view.
The devices that were used to test were two Samsungs, S9 and S8 so preformance shouldn't really be an issue, while it works great on a iPhone 6.
Please let us know if this is a known issue and if there's something to be done about it.
Thank you!


Could you please share the version of our SDK you are working with?



Hello there,
we're using the version 7.2.1


<plugin xmlns=""


Hello again,

since we're getting no replies, and your framework cleary doesn't preform as expected, how can we get our money back?
This is the third issue I posted, and none have been solved.

1) iPhone X support, which still hasn't been implemented, but luckily I found a workaround.

2) My previous post where, even with hard-cased coordinates, my POIs do not display in their correct positions. (
3) This issue, where there hasn't been a reply in 8 days.


As commercial customer you're entitled to create support tickets - in the community forum the answers might take longer to answer - depending on severity, effort for investigation, priority, ...

I wil send you a seperate email on how to work with support as paid customer.

We're on it to answer the question about the POI misplacement. 



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