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Can't load World on Chrome. It displays an ADE error

I try to debug the example world on my Chrome, nothing seems to load, and getting this error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'createOccluder' of undefined

    at Object.__executeFunctionByName (ade.js:1)

    at Object.callAsync (ade.js:1)

    at c.init (ade.js:1)

    at c.(anonymous function) [as init] (file:///C:/Users/izi/Downloads/WikitudeSDK_Android_8-0-0_2018-07-04_17-05-46/Examples/SDKExamples/wikitude-sdk-samples/src/main/assets/samples/ade.js:1:4861)

    at new c (ade.js:1)

    at Object.createOccluderFn [as createOccluder] (simpleobjecttracking.js:27)

    at Object.initFn [as init] (simpleobjecttracking.js:18)

    at simpleobjecttracking.js:135

Is there a problem with the ade.js ?

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Thx for reporting this issue. I created an internal investigation task.

Best regards,


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we were able to identify and fix the issues with ADE in combination with object tracking.

The fix will be included in the next release of the JS SDK.

Best Regards,


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