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Draw a line between 2 POI


I want to know if it's possible to draw a line between 2 POIs today ?

I know that was not possible from a topic dating a year ago, it is still the same thing ?

Thank you in advance.


The SDK doesn't support lines at the moment. You can work e.g. with direction indicators instead, if that works.

Thx and greetings


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I was looking for a solution, and I find this topic :

Canvas API provides a method called : lineTo(), so I am asking if it's possible to include canvas in a HtmlDrawable like the guy did in native android.

Thank you in advance,



As the HTMLDrawables layout might differ from device to device - depending on the rendering of the html rendering - we recommend not to use the HTMLDrawable element. Especially for more advanced code. This element is designed for very simple widgets (e.g. the weather widget we use in our sample app).



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