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Load URLs defined in Studio in a custom Web View in a custom app

The targets and the AR content will added using Wikitude Studio.  I see from the Wikitude Studio Editor, we can download the JS experience. This pack can be plugged into the native iOS / Android app. I have downloaded the sample app. So far so good.

However we need to achieve 2 additional things for this app:

1. Some AR content items are buttons leading to a URL. Currently the app loads the URLs defined in the Wikitude Studio in a webview, but we would like to customize the way that webview looks. I do not see any code for the UIWebView in the xcode sample so I assume it is inside the SDK and not accessible to change?

2. We also need to trigger some native code when each target is detected.

For both the things above I was trying to implement architectView:invokedURL but I see it is deprecated and no longer works. Also if I change the URLs of the button to a custom scheme, the app crashed saying that "only http and https" is accepted. 

I found  



- (void)architectView:(WTArchitectView *)architectView receivedJSONObject:(NSDictionary *)jsonObject;


Can this be used to send a custom url scheme, so we can detect a load the url in our own custom web view? If so, is there a way we can attach this code to elements using the Wikitude Studio Editor?

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If you work with the Studio Editor and export the complete Studio project, you can't modify any of the code -> Studio Editor projects are not supposed to be editable. If you wish to have more options regarding interaction and also trigger native code, you'd have to implement on your end the AR experience using HTML technolgies (for reference you can check the SDK sample app). The Studio Editor is only supporting very simple AR experiences and the SDK is supporting much more interactive use cases, that you can realize.

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