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[iOS] POI's created using HTMLDrawables cause crash when entering field of view


Like the title states, I am currently experiencing a crash when using HTMLDrawables. I am on the latest version of the SDK (7.2.1). 

Here's a snippet of code when building the marker:


this.marker_drawable = new AR.HtmlDrawable({uri: 'markers/place-marker.html'}, 6, {
                onClick: () => {
                    return true;
                translate: {
                    x: 1,
                    y: this.altitude,
                    z: this.depth
                viewportHeight: 116

this.marker_object = new AR.GeoObject(marker.marker_location, {
                drawables: {
                    radar: [marker.radar_circle],
                    cam: [

When the crash occurs there are no error messages in the console on either the Wikitude Web view or the Cordova web view. 

Rather, the only error code I can get is coming from Xcode:

This seems to be a known issue according to this post:

I am assuming this hasn't been fixed since I'm on the latest version (7.2.1) and the crash is still occurring. Are there any plans to have this fixed in a future update? 

For what it's worth, this does not seem to be an error on Android.

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