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Wikitude SDK 8.0.0 Image Tracking is crashing in Samples (iOS)


Image Tracking is not working at all for me and crashes with the new Wikitude 8.0.0 SDK if built to iOS. (The Editor Preview is working fine).

Here is what i did:
- downloaded and extracted Version 8.0.0 (Unity, 07.06.2018)
- opened it in Unity (2017.4.1f1) and switched target platform to iOS

- built the Sample Project
- built it with Xcode (tried the latest iPad Pro and iPad 2018)

I can see the Camera Image but if i focus a target, the app just crashes. I attached a screenshot of the error shown in Xcode.

Instant Tracking seems to work fine in the sample app.

I understand that this is only a Beta Release. Still - it would be awesome if you could fix this soon :)

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I have same problem testing using trial with 8.0 Beta SDK when build for iOS targeting iPhoneX.

It did crash just during hovering the target image marker.

For android, it just works fine.

Any hints guys?

Thanks in advance,



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In XCode, please make sure that the libIPhone-lib.a is placed after libUnityiOSBridgeLibrary.a. By default Unity places it before, and this can lead to a crash. Also, please check the documentation from the beta package, which includes the required steps to build for iOS.

This issue will be resolved in the final release of the SDK.

Best regards,


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Hi Alexandru,

Thank you for the support.

Now my problem solved.

Here what I did:

1. Import missing WikitudeNativeSDK.framework

2. Reorder libIPhone-lib.a after libUnityiOSBridgeLibrary.a

3.  Remove Metal supports from Unity.

When will you add support for Metal? since we are hopping to use ARKIT2 which required iOS 12.

Apple will drop all OpenGLES support from iOS 12.

Thank you,



With the final release of SDK 8, the build setup changed again to use a framework. Please don't use WikitudeNativeSDK.framework anymore and switch to the WikitudeSDK.framework from the download package. The libUnityiOSBridgeLibrary.a is not needed anymore.

Metal should already be supported and you shouldn't need to remove anything. If you have any build issues regarding this, please let us know.

Best regards,


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