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Integration Queries related to Unity3D version 2018 and Wikitude Unity sdk 7.2.1

 Hi, We want to get started with an AR app, using Wikitude unity sdk and unity3d game engine. We have some queries related to stability of wikitude sdk and unity3d versions. Below :-

Query - (1) We want to integrate the Wikitude Unity sdk 7.2.1 , in unity version 2018.1.3 (latest unity3d version as per today i.e 12.Jun.2018)
Let us know if the Wikutde unity sdk, is fully compatible with latest unity version 2018.1.3 ? Or if there are any known issue or bugs reported.
If any, pls send us link where other developer using untiy 2017 or 2018 has reported any issues with wikitude intergation and usage.

Query - (2) By far, what is the last stable version of unity that wikitude developers have themselves tried wikitude sdk in unity.
anywhere betweeen unity 2017.1.0 to unity 2018.1.3

Looking forward for your detailed response.


Since 7.2.1 was released a few months ago, it would be impossible for us to guarantee full compatibility with 2018.1.3, since it would not have been possible for us to test this version combination.

We are currently working on 8.0 release, and you can already try the beta from our download page. This version is compatible with 2018.x versions of Unity.

If you plan to use 7.2.1 I would suggest that you use 2017.4, which is also the most stable version of Unity.

Best regards,


Thanks Alexandru.   If we use wikitude 7.2.1, the we will use with unity 2017.4 or unity 5.6.1.
But we will wait some days, to see if 8.0 beta is officialy released as 8.0. If that gets release, then we will try that with unity 2018.1.3.

Any idea, you can share about 8.0 beta to get released as official 8.0 final release ?

Can you also point to some page, where we an see the comparision of Wikitude 7.2 with 8.0 whats new is coming?

Thanks again.

- Ashish


We are in the final stages of the beta, but there is no release date that I can share at the moment, unfortunately.

In the documentation for the current beta there is a changelog containing the major things that are coming in the next version. I've also posted the list below:

  • Unity Editor now supports accessing camera information from WebCam or Unity Remote app to preview AR experience directly in Unity Editor
  • Ability to save Instant Tracking session as Instant Targets
  • Ability to load Instant Targets
  • Major update to the engine powering Object Tracker resulting in better recognition accuracy, better tracking stability
  • Introduction of new `wto` format version
  • New method to generate Object Targets using images instead of videos
  • New camera APIs to control exposure setting and focus area
  • ARCore has been updated to version 1.1

Best regards,


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