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'ArchitectView.IArchitectUrlListener' is obsolete

Hi, the project provides the alert that 'ArchitectView.IArchitectUrlListener' is obsolete, I would like to help me with the updated interface for the project, or some solution to avoid the alert that it is obsolete.

Hi Sergio,

You are receiving this message because the method 'ArchitectView.IArchitectUrlListener' is deprecated. Please, use 'ArchitectJavaScriptInterfaceListener' instead (You can find more details here).




Need a working example program which implements "ArchitectJavaScriptInterfaceListener"
since the existing example uses a deprecated interface


The ArchitectJavaScriptInterfaceListener is replacing a deprected API - so this should not be listed as deprected. Which SDK version are you working with?

ArchitectJavaScriptInterfaceListener is used in our sample app in the following samples (JS API):
Advanced Image Tracking - Gestures
Instant Tracking - Save-/Load Instant Target
Browsing Pois - Native Detail Screen
Browsing Pois - Capture Screen

The Java code can be found in com/wikitude/samples/advanced:



Xamarin implementation is needed , because geolocation is not working


For Xamarin we only offer an image recognition samples - what issue do you have with geolocation?

Thx and greetings


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