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Problems with simple 3D animated meshes


I have a character with a rig in Maya. As I understand it currently Wikitude is not able to import blend shape animation so I created the Character with joints which works fine with the skinned meshes, but simple animations like an eyeball scaling appears to be beyond the wikitude encoder. I parented the eyeballs (spheres) to bones in the hierachy and simply scaled them down to make them blink, however the encoder seems to scale from somewhere other than the joint the sphere is parented to.

The FBX animation export (from Maya) works perfectly in Unity and Maya so I don't believe the FBX export is the problem.

Any ideas?




Hi Jim,

would it be possible for me to have a look at your FBX file? It would be much easier for me to understand what is happening exactly. You should be able to just attach it to a reply.

- Daniel

Hi Daniel, thanx for the reply

I solved the issue by skinning the eyes to the joints and then scaling the joints instead of the spheres (which were parented to the joints). I used attributes to control the scaling for both.

Sorry I can't send the asset at this time.



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