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enable - disable a node of a 3d model


I am trying to make a script to enable or disable a part of a 3d model. Assuming, that there is a model that consists of 3 parts A, B , C nodes in the 3d encoder scenes. 

how can i reach the node A and disable it during the augmentation. 

this.3dmodel.onClick = function( drawable, model_part ) {



    case 'A':

    case 'B':

    case 'C':

  World.3dmodel.???.enabled = false;




Any help??

Hi Dimitrios,

I'm afraid you can't enable or disable sub parts of a model directly. In fact, you can't access the mesh parts directly at all I'm afraid. Two workarounds spontaneously come to mind.

1. Use separate models instead of sup parts of the same model.

2. Use an animation to hide the model part (animate scaling to 0 from one frame to the other).

Will one of these approaches work for your use case?

- Daniel

The use of separate models probably will affect the overall precision of the whole scheme, because you have to fix the sub parts through coding (which is not a good idea i think). But the second approach appears to be interesting. 

Thanks for the response Daniel! 

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