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3D Model loading time is very long.


I am using the Xamarin native SDK for iOS and Android.

When I start to load the World, the View freezes for about 30 seconds.
I found out that I can show a loading-indicator right after starting to load the world and then hiding the loading-indicator after all of the 3D Models (AR.Model) did call "onLoaded".
So I assume that the problem must be the loading time of the 3D Models.

The loading indicator is ok but the loading time seems to be too long for just 20 Models (the same on iOS and Android). The user experience suffers from the long loading time.
Our client does provide the models for us directly in wt3 format. And he is telling us that he already did optimize the models to be as small as possible.

Is there a way to reduce the loading time of the models?

Best regards

Hi Wilhelm,

Do you load all the 20 Models at the same time? Because if you have 20 models and if the size of each model is approximately 3MB (please note that we recommend a size of up to 5MB), then it makes absolute sense that your app is freezing. 

If you do not need to load all the 20 models at the same time, then please make sure to destroy those you have already loaded before you proceed to the next models.



Hi Eva,

I've got one 3D-Model per image target.
Unfortunately, I don't know which of the models will be needed next. So I am loading them all at the start.
But I guess I could load a model when an ImageTarget is recognized. That would probalby cause a short freeze each time when another ImageTarget is recognized.

Is there a way to load the models in a background thread? This would not shorten the loading time but I would like to load them without freezing the app.

Best regards


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