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Is there some way to get a subset of the Wikitude SDK .aar file on Android?

We are trying to make an Android Instant App and as per their documentation the instant app APK must be under 4MB. Since the feature of our app we want to turn into an Instant App uses Wikitude's Cloud Recognition, and as of 7.2 Wikitude's .aar file totals 16.1MB, this poses an issue. Is there some way to get a subset of Wikitude's aar which will support just the Cloud Recognition? I foresee others wanting to make Instant Apps too and maybe there's been some solution to this already that you guys know of.


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Hi Matthew,

 What you can do is unzip the wikitude.aar folder and direct to uni and in there remove the folder x86 (unless you are using Intel). Other than removing architectures, there is nothing else that you can do. Let me know if this helps.



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