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Version Conflict on iOS

I'm using the cordova plugin and I receive the following message when initially when launching wikitude.

Version Conflict

The used wikitude sdk is not supported.

The message doesn't appear again once I dismiss the window and go back into the wikitude view. 

Android is just fine.

Anyone experience this before? 

Hi Logan,

Are you working with Studio?


I use the cloud studio.

Hi Logan,

Did you make sure that all the needed permissions are set before you start the AR view? It might be that when the Studio url is called and the permissions are not set before that the SDK version number is not set and sent. 

I assume the sample app is working for you if you load the Studio project url ( 


Just want to clarify with regards to the studio. I used the cloud studio to create the package but I'm just using it locally in my project. I receive the permissions prompt when I initially launch the AR view but then the error message presents itself. The issue seems to go away following this initial launch and permissions request and I go back inside the AR view. I don't have this issue on Android. 

Hi Logan,

We are aware of this issue and unfortunately we do not have a fix right now. The problem is the permissions regarding the interaction between Studio and the SDK app. Could you please try and load your studio url with our sample app and see if you are getting any issues there?

If not then I would suggest that you follow within your app the exact same steps that we define in the sample app.



I did not see this in earlier versions of my app. Should I rollback to a previous version of the plugin or is it something you introduced studio side that is now causing the problem. 

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