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Ionic iOS opens youtube in background

We have an Ionic 3 App that recognizes a collection of images and opens a specific video from youtube.

In Android, it works perfectly. The app calls the Wikitude world and opens the camera. Then I can recognize the image and the callback triggers opening the youtube (ionic native plugin) view over the camera view. Then I can press the back button and I am back in the camera view and can recognize another image. Perfect and functional.

In iOS, we have a problem. Once the camera view is open and the image is recognized the callback triggers but the youtube doesn't show up and I can hear the video playing in the background... only minimizing the app or closing it to stop the audio.

What am I doing wrong? Am I suppose to close the camera view before opening the youtube video?

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Hi Tiago,

I'm afraid I cannot provide any assistance for Ionic. Not only because we don't provide official support for it, but, more practically, because we (as in all of the SDK developers) do not have any Ionic knowledge or experience. The Ionic extension was developed independently by a third party and we simply provide a download link for it.

If you could test your app without the Ionic plugin and see if this is still happening then we could offer you our assistance. You could, if this issue is still current, try to reproduce it in our Cordova sample app which we provide a generation script for. So the setup process should not be very time consuming.



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