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Remote Architect World modification through Studio Editor


The question is in the context of a free Wikitude account using Wikitude Android App for AR Experience and Target Studio Manager for Adding targets and Augmentations. And remote architect world is referring to the architect world created and managed by Wikitude and hosted also on Wikitude's server for a free account.

So I want to ask that when I get into Wikitude Studio Editor for any particular Target image, Studio Editor creates new remote architect world for me? 


it modifies one remote architect world every time for different target images AUGMENTATIONS? Because every target image has different Augmentation contents (images, videos, 3d Models, labels etc..) and their respective parameters (scale, rotate, transform, loop etc..)


It only pass parameters/arguments to the same remote architect world for different Augmented Reality Experiences?

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As long as you add / modify target images and / or augmenations in one specific Studio Editor project (architect world) this specific Studio Editor project is updated. The end user will then load this project which includes all the target images and augmentations.

I hope this helps. Greetings


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