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PhoneGap plugin .callCordova sometimes not working properly (iOS)

Hello there, 
I'm building an Ionic app with the PhoneGap plugin (7.2.1).

The issue I'm having is that sometimes (let's say 50% of the time) on iOS devices my AR.callCordova call doesn't get processed by the Cordova part of the app - it sort of gets paused, and this is where it gets wierd: If I pull down the status bar on the device, the callback gets triggered!

The code being executed on the AR side is simply World.callCordova("closeAR()"); The code that recieves this call is (Cordova/Ionic part):

onURLInvoked(url) {
console.log("url was invoked:", url)
const scheme = 'architectsdk://';
if ( === 0) {
// Remove architectsdk://from string and evaluate function
const func = decodeURIComponent(url.substr(scheme.length));
console.log("fucn to be called:", func)



The eval works fine, the thing is when this bug occurs, not even the first console.log happens until I pull down the status bar.. Thanks in advance!


Since you mentioned that you are using Ionic and Wikitude does not offer official support for this, do you think it would be possible that you test your app without Ionic in order to see if our SDK is causing these issues you are experiencing?



I dobut that would be possible - the whole app is based on Ionic.
I was hoping for some general tips, since I'm not an expert on how the event queue is processed in Cordova, as the callbacks do get executed just not right away.

Good morning

I'm afraid I cannot, as Eva has already mentioned, provide any assistance for Ionic. Not only because we don't provide official support for it, but, more practically, because we (as in all of the SDK developers) do not have any Ionic knowledge or experience. The Ionic extension was developed independently by a third party and we simply provide a download link for it.

You could, if this issue is still current, try to reproduce it in our Cordova sample app which we provide a generation script for. So the setup process should not be very time consuming.

But, it seems to me, that AR.Cordova is specific to the Ionic implementation.

- Daniel

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