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Augmentation Possibility

Hi all,

Is it possible to assign and tracking an augmentation such as a webview to a target using editor or API?

augmentation via link opens a browser, and augmentation via label inserts only short labels. I need to visualize and trace inside the scene (to the right of the target) simple html pages of variable size, like a structured text.

Example: In a book after explaining a topic, when you recognize a target I display (as augmentation) an html page containing sample texts on the topic.

tnx in advance.


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Hi Giovanni,

If I have understood your use case correctly, then you can use HTMLDrawables. You can have a look here for further information. 

However, please keep in mind that we strongly recommend to use other types of augmentations, as the HTMLDrawables might behave differently on different devices - so there is no guarantee that the augmentation is looking or behaving the same on different devices



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