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Transparent videos not shown in ios

Hi there, 

We got a problem here, 

We cant see the chroma key (transparent) videos in ios, in Android everything goes well but it doesn't work in ios, 

We tried many video formats, but none of them worked.


Could you please send over a video you are trying with so that we can test it internally? Also, please include the following details:

  • Which version of the SDK are you using?
  • Are you using the JS API?
  • Are you using any of our Extensions (Titanium, Cordova, Xamarin, Unity)? If yes, which version are you using?
  • What device does this happen with (os Version and model)?



Hello there, 

Please find attached the video.

We are using SDK version 7.

Yes, we are using JS API. 

We are not using any extensions.

Our test device is iPhone x - 11.2.6

Please consider that everything goes well on Android.


(512 KB)


Can anyone help me out?

We are in an urgent situation and we need immediate help.



Please keep in mind that response times in the forum may vary according to the severity of a possible issue, time needed for investigation and checking. If you have a subscription then you can request for priority support.

Regarding the video you sent over, this is not exactly a transparent video. The arrangement of one video being on top, the other on the bottom is correct but what I do not understand is the gray areas. The mask should be only black and white. Because of these gray areas the video is being rejected when you are testing with iOS.

I would advice you have a look at our tutorial here and follow exactly the steps described there.



Thanks, Eva, 

I tried to use convert.bat before, the problem is that it keeps the original video and add some white space below it, (with the exact height)

Please check the attached video which I used convert.bat

(1.95 MB)

Good morning,

the scripts we offer actually do require a different kind of input that what you are giving them, I suspect. It does not require a video containing the actual green in it, but a video for which the green has been removed in favour of transparent values (alpha value 0). The script will, to my understanding, produce a mask (lower half of the converted video) based on the alpha values; white for opaque pixels (alpha 1) and black for transparent pixels (alpha 0). I'm not perfectly sure what will happen for values in between; my guess is that they will be converted to shades of grey, causing the video to be semi-transparent.

Since the lower half of your converted video is all white, I suspect that your input video does not contain any transparent pixels.

Here's the relevant documentation page and the relevant excerpts from it:

        Edit that video using standard video processing software and remove the green screen. Export your result into a file format, which can handle alpha channel information (e.g. Apple ProRes 4444)

        There are different video codecs that support alpha channels for motion picture and most of them will work as your raw material. We have extensively tested Apple ProRes 4444 codec for our own development and were satisfied with the results.

Since the Lamborghini video you provided seems to me to be computer generated, there's no need to bother with any green background at all. You should simply be able to render the video with a transparent background directly.

- Daniel

Many many thanks, 

It worked for us.


Many thanks for your useful comments, unfortunately there is still one problem. We used the converter and every thing was okay except the sound, the devices (android and iphone) are unable to play sound.

I don't think that the file has any issue because it is working properly in windows.

Please find the attachment.

(9.14 MB)

We checked it again and again, The "mov" is played in IOS devices without any problem but in android devices, there is no sound.

Good morning,

have you tried to export your video to a different container format? Or use a different encoding for the audio? I could easily imagine Android having issues with .mov containers (Apple's QuickTime file format). You could just try something like .avi or .mkv and see whether that makes a difference.

Also, the media players of the two platforms are certain to have different capabilities in terms of codec compatibility. So finding an encoding that works on both platforms might require a bit of tweaking.

- Daniel

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