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Unity 2018.1.0b9 ARM64 support for android

Hi! I've been trying to use the new ARM64 feature in Unity to build my Wikitude app, however after lunching the app all I get is a white screen. Does Wikitude Unity plugin support 64bit architecture for android by any chance? 


Alexey S.

Hi Alexey,

thanks for reaching out. We expected native armv8 support for 2018.2 and not 2018.1b2, which we missed, as it was not even listed in the preliminary list of features. So thanks for bringing this to our attention. Wikitude has an armv8 specific version of the SDK for Android since years and we plan to integrate it to the Unity plugin in an upcoming release. So far we couldn't include it in the Unity plugin, as Unity kept crashing in case the armv8 lib was part of the package. We need to do our tests first and see how stable Unity works with it now and will then release it. I need to leave the exact time-frame for this open for now. 

Thanks again!


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Thank you so much for your reply! I am very excited about the work you guys are doing and definitely look forward to try out armv8 support whenever it is ready =) 


Alexey S. 

Hi Alexey,

A beta version of SDK 8 is now available for developers on the download page offering support for armv8.



Awesome! Thank you so much for your work. 


I tried running Unity project on LG V30 (build with arm64 support) and it seems that camera frames that I see on the screen are completely corrupted (looks like ransom pixels from random memory addresses are being rendered on the screen). I build the project with latest version of Unity 2018.1.

Also, looking at the output apk it looks like arm64 gets only 3 libs packaged:,,

while other targets (x86, armv7) have:,,,,,,

Is this how the output package should be bundled together?

Are there any additional requirements on building arm64 with Unity (different Unity version, .NET version, Player settings, etc.)?



Small update after testing various things:

I tested Unity 2018.2 beta, Wikitude 8 and WIkitude 7.2.1. In both cases enabling arm64 caused camera view not rendering correctly (random stuff showed up on the screen).

Tested on LG V30, LG G6, (both run Android 8.0), Huawei P20 Pro (Android 8.1). 

Tested both with Camera2 API enabled and disabled.

Tested with and without Multithreading, with/without Auto Graphics API option.

All my tests showed exact same results - camera view showing rubbish.


Thank you for testing, we'll have a look and let you know as soon as the issues are resolved.

Please keep in mind that Unity 2018.2 is not supported at the moment.

Thank you,


I was testing on both: 2018.1 and 2018.2

Similar results.


It looks like the 64 bit binaries are missing from your apk. Before building, did you copy the .aar files from the Libraries/Android/ARM64 folder in the downloads package to Assets/Plugins/Android, overwriting the existing ones? The ones included by default in the project don't have ARM64 support because of backwards compatibility with older Unity versions.

Best regards,


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