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Wikitude Setup - JavaScript API

Hello :)


I'm doing my master dissertation in informatics, and it is in the AR field. I discovered the Wikitude SDK and the potential features of geolocation. However, I cannot build any of the examples in the Android Studio or create a new project from scratch. Gradle always give me errors, and I don´t know where to put the licence key, and the other stuff.


Sorry to say, but for me, your documentation is too poor and confusing. Moreover, there are no good youtube videos to explain how to set up the project.



Can anyone give me some help to try this SDK a evaluate if it can bring advantages to my work, please?

A video tutorial, or a written one, but with all the steps?

If it is easier to build the SDK in another platform, please tell me.


Thanks in advance! 


what version of Android Studio and Gradle are you using?

Hi Joel,

please take a look at this post. It explains the most common issues with setting up he android samples in android studio.

Best regards,


Wikitude Support, my Android Studio version is 3.0.1 and the gradle version is 4.1

Hi Joel,

please have a look at the post from Alex, which explains version incompatibility.



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Now I can build the project. But I build the apk with the documentation example (LocationProvider class and SimpleActivity one), and when I open it in my OnePlus 3, it crashes, just after I open it. 

I am not using the cable. I go to Build --> BUild APKs option in Android Studio. An then I install it on my phone

 Hello Joel,

Since there were some issues with Android Example Apps and Android Studio, we have finalized a 'How To Guide' that you can find here if you still have issues then please post them here.



Hi all,


A beta version of SDK 8 is now available for developers on the download page offering support for Android Studio 3.x and Gradle 3.





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