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Uploading to target manger stuck - video

Hey, I tried uploading video to the target manager and it will stop loading at the same place


 Hello Lina,

What is the size of the video you are trying to upload? Do you think you could share it with me?


Eva, you can find the videos there. its 96.5 mb

Hello Lina,

The size of the video you are trying to upload is too big so you would need to reduce it. I would recommend to re-encode the video before uploading to video. Make sure you keep aspect-ratio of the video while doing so. There are several tools that re-encode videos reliably and fast. We have been using Handbrake for Mac, which shows pretty good results. Again make sure you don't change the aspect-ratio of the video while re-encoding.




I've reduced the size to 52mb and used the same aspect-ratio using handbrake but it still the same. The stuck at the same place.

I cannot upload video as a target object.

Was this option removed?


Please check the answer here:

And please make sure that your question belongs to the correct thread - this thread deals with stuck videos in Studio.



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