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Positioning Of Object With Object Tracking


We are having issues with the positioning of objects in relation to the 'Object Target' when creating a 3D Object Recognition Project.

No matter how I try to set the position of the drawable which is instantiated when the target is found, it never seems to be where we hoped.

If we load a 2D object we can place it accurately, but not with 3D content.

For example, we though that setting the Z position back would move the prefab closer to the target, but it seems to do virtually nothing.

The same with the Y position. Setting a -Y value should move the drawable down towards the base of our object, and whilst it does to some extend, the units don't really make sense. For example setting -3 would imply moving down 3 metres but it doesn't.

Is there anything I am missing? And we have read the docs :)

Kind Regards

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Hello Josh,

You are right that it is not easy to place an augmentation when you are working with Object Recognition and all you could do is simply 'trial and error'. However, an another alternative, you could use Wikitude Studio. You have already created an Object Project there, so you could open it with Studio Editor and place the augmentations where you wish. Using the Preview option makes it even easier to test the project and make corrections accordingly. Once you have the positions of your augmentations, then you need to transfer these values to your .js file. The position value in Studio correspond to the translate value in Architect.

Hope this helps


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