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Experiencing Inconsistent Detection Behavior

 Hello, I am having issues with Image Recognition and creating an augmentation to overlay on the image.

To quickly summarize, I have several ImageTrackables attached to a parent ImageTracker. I have duplicated the object to test the image tracking accuracy based on how I draw my augmentations. In my original approach, I use the On Image Recognized and On Image Lost events to trip a method in which I use Instantiate to draw a prefab at the location of the detected image. I do this by grabbing the coordinates of an empty game object assigned as the ImageTrackable's Drawable. When I do this, I get correct results sometimes, but often find overlays being drawn over the wrong image target. I also am often seeing multiple augmentations being drawn in the same spot in the scene, overlapping and conflicting with each other.

In my second test, I simply assigned the prefab to the ImageTrackable's Drawable argument in the inspector. With this approach I find that the overlays are never placed anywhere except for the correct target image.

My question is why would the method of instantiating the prefab gameobjects cause the objects to be drawn over the incorrect target image, since I am able to get correct behavior when only one target is in view at a time, and I am not doing anything complicated that should mess with detection.

Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

Yes this approach worked to fix my problem, thank you for your help.



When instantiating the prefabs manually, the recommended approach is to assign the instantiated prefab as a child GameObject of the Drawable GameObject of the ImageTarget that is passed in the On Image Recognized. This way, you can make sure that the correct drawable is used for the correct target in a multiple target scenario, including cases where the same image target appears twice in the scene.

Please let me know if you still have issues getting this to run properly.

Best regards,


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