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ARCore enabled Pixel 2 screen occasionally goes black when starting SDK Example

Our Pixel 2 running Wikitude 7.2 occasionally has a black screen on startup when using the 3D model Instant Tracking from SDK Examples.  In this case, the only way to fix it is to back out and restart the experience.  Screenshot is attached.

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Hi Daniel,

Unfortunately we currently do not have the Pixel 2 in our office at the moment and this is not reproducible with other ARCore supported devices. It seems like there is an issue when switching from our camera to the ARCore camera. 

Do you get any error logs when this is happening?

Does this happen when you enter the sample from the menu or when it is paused and resumed?

Best Regards,


 I took as much of the device stack trace as possible and I'm attaching it as a separate file to this comment.  Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help.


Hi Daniel,

thank you for the log. Based on it, it seems like the ARCore camera was able to start but we somehow can not render it correctly. 

To prove this assumption it would be great if you could try to get the crosshair to change its color to green while the screen is black by moving the phone like usual. 

Best Regards



I tested the JS SDK example again, and I was unable to get the crosshair to change to green when the background screen was black, no matter what I did or when I put it on an area where I could normally find a plane. 

I did notice one other piece of information that may prove helpful.  I could only consistently get the screen to turn to black when I either first ran the example after a long period of time, or directly after I restarted the Pixel 2.  Hopefully that helps narrow down the issue.



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