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Moverio Bt-200 Tools

Hello everyone, im going to create an app for the moverio bt-2000 and i want to know what tools i need to have. I been working with Unity and Vuforia, but i want to change to Wikitude. I want to know what version of Unity and Wikitude i have to use. Right now im using Unity 5.3 and Wikitude 7.0, and the first problem i have is Black Screen. Thats why im asking. Thanks!

Hi Martin,

for 7.0 you need at least Unity 5.4. Other to that you should be fine using our SDK.

Please be aware that version 7.1 ( is the last version which supports BT-200. 7.2 and upcoming version support BT-300 and BT-350.



i willi check the solution ,Thanks for the reply!
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