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License key missing

i still face the invalid license key issue.

for example: my app id is com.test this the only place to place the license key? 

2. what other places do i need to modify such as manifest.xml ?

package com.test.wikitudetest;

import android.os.Bundle;

import com.wikitude.architect.ArchitectStartupConfiguration;
import com.wikitude.architect.ArchitectView;

public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity {
private ArchitectView architectView;
protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

this.architectView = (ArchitectView)this.findViewById( );
final ArchitectStartupConfiguration config = new ArchitectStartupConfiguration();
"License key" );
this.architectView.onCreate( config );

 Hi Wei,

Since you have an educational license key then, please reach out to and report your problem there. Before you do that, make sure that the app id you have provided the sales department with matches exactly (lower and uppercase letters make a difference) with the one you are providing in your app. Also, check out the console output to see exactly what error you are getting.



I used Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 and SDK 7.  It shows invalid license message on the tablet screen.

I used my education license and not trial one.

 Hi Wei,

What error exactly do you see? Please go through our documentation to see exactly how to set up the Trial License key.



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