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ArchitectView Location Update Rate


I'm using location injection and the location is somewhat jumpy so I've implemented smoothing in my custom LocationProvider. However I now notice that currently it appears that the location in the architectView is updated roughly once a second. I am posting this ticket to ask if its possible to increase the rate at which wikitude updates the user's simulated location in the ArchitectView. I'd like to achieve an update rate of at least 10 times a second.


 Hello Mateusz,

Are you testing iOS or Anrdoid?



Hello Eva,

This is on both platforms. I've tried multiple devices but it seems that wikitude only updates once a second. Is there a way to increase the update rate or is this hardcoded into the World rendering?


the behaviour is not hard-coded, the CLLocationManager simply does not take an update frequency as an input; I believe the situation is identical on Android. The managers will simply inform you about any changes in location they detect. You can only control the frequency indirectly by setting the desired accuracy.

To do so the Wikitude SDK allows the corresponding constant to be supplied to the startup configuration. The best you can do is choosing kCLLocationAccuracyBest for the accuracy and CLDistanceFilterNone for the distance filter. The default values are kCLLocationAccuracyNearestTenMeters and CLDistanceFilterNone.

The relevant documentation can be found here (iOS).

On Android you have control over the location yourself anway and are free to set it up as you please.

- Daniel

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