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Image Recognition of images by uploading images locally

Hello wikitude team,

I would like to know if I can recognise images by uploading the images from my mobile device locally on the AR app. 

The scenario  in this case is to develop a virtual tour app that has to retrieve images from my device locally and augment it with virtual content. 

I do not want to use the camera to scan images and then augment it with virtual images. 

Please help with this. Thanks

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Do I understand you correctly that you have a pre-defined set of images you want to recognize(that you can make a .wtc out of) and that you want the user to select an image that should be augmented, we render this image instead of the camera and place an augmentation onto it?

The only way this may work would be by creating an InputPlugin but instead of passing a camera frame to the SDK you pass the Image you want to recognize. You could take a look at the CustomCameraPlugin in the sample app for that.

Best Regards,


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