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Static UI with 3d recognition

 Hi ,

Once 3d object has been recognized , i want to display the UI on the screen which stable in one angle . is that possible with wikitude?

Hello Sambha,

Could you please elaborate a bit more on your use case? Which augmentation do you wish to place once the recognition is achieved?



 Hi EVA,

I want to place 2D buttons on the screen once the augmentations is achieved. Once the 3d object has been recognized i want a menu (or list 2d buttons ) to displayed on the screen in fixed angle so that user can see different augmentation on click of different buttons.

Currently i am unable to put the 2d buttons fit to the screen , when ever i change the angle of the device buttons angles is also changing. Is there a way to put these buttons in single position in 3d object recognition?


So I assume that you are placing the buttons using HTMLDrawables classes where you can define the size of the button using the property scale. Do you think you can send me a video where you reproduce your issue?



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