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Multiple objects placement irrespective of camera field of view for Unity Instant tracking


I am new to wikitude SDK, I have downloaded wikitude Unity sample for instant tracking and installed in my android device. It is working fine for placement of 3d objects on plane. But, when I rotate camera to other direction to place more objects I am losing previously placed objects. Does Wikitude support this feature ? If Yes, is there any documentation for it. 

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Depending on how much structure the scene has the user can move around and the scene still tracks - e.g. if the user stands i a room and all around him the surrounding offers some form of structure, you can move around 360°. But if the movement is too fast, the tracking might be lost - but if the user moves back some degrees and the tracking is activated again, the objects should still be displayed.

You can test this if you stand in a room, wich e.g. furniture all around you, and you start the instant tracking sample. You can then turn around and add objects at different places and if the surrounding is 'noisy' enough, the tracking should be stable.

Please also note that we're currently working on integrating ARKit and ARCore -> you can find the latest beta/dev channel releases here:




Hi.. Thanks for the support. You got my point correctly. I have a requirement where user can look around 360 degrees and can place objects anywhere in scene and can move around the scene which ARkit does. Expecting the same behavior, will it be added in future because I want this behavior on android mobile.



If I understand correctly, you can place objects and track them fine, but if you change the 'scene' and have a new scene that needs to be tracked the original objects are not displayed anymore. If this is the case, then it sounds like expected behaviour, as the feature creates a map of the scene that you're currently looking at --> if you look at a different scene than the originial scenery which was used to initalize the map, then there is no reference for tracking.

If I missunderstood the request, please send over a video which exactly describes the use case.




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