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camera switch in Android using unity


 I am new with Wikitude but I have worked with Unity. For the project I need to access the front camera for my application. The WikitudeCamera script is no accessible as in its inside the dll file. How can I switch to front camera using C#?

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Thanks for the answer wikitude team 


We're aware of the Android crash when switching to the front camera. A fix will be included in the next update, which should be available soon.

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Example Project in Unity Crashes after I switched to front faving camera. From the example I only fix the camera permission, because I use Unity 2018.4. Also from the project I got warning in 'ContinuousRecognitionController.cs'(29,17) warning CS0114 There any way to solve this problem?


You can switch the camera position using the DevicePosition property on the WikitudeCamera.

Here are some additional documentation links:

Additionally, you can check the "Camera Controls - Camera Settings" scene for an example of how to use the Camera APIs.

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