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compass problem wiko tommy 2

I just bought a wiko tommy 2 to replace my phone, it has a compass that works on other applications but remains fixed on the example geoAr of wikitude and our app. We test the requirement when launching the app (['geoAR']) the app passes this test. Any information that can help me is welcome (I'm desperate the store refuses to exchange it ...)


So all the needed requirmeents for geo AR to work are fulfilled with this device:

If so, can you please send over a video of the behaviour in your AR experience. Please make sure that you test outside.




HI,i found that it work fine with wikitude 6.0;0-3.4.0 , 

i'v just upload two screenrecords if that can help finding my issue.

The two version run the same www/ folder.

We have a 'onDeviceNotSupported' callback which is well executed with device not compatible

cordova#7.1.0, android#7.1.1

wikitude 7.2.1-3.5.2:

wikitude 6.0.0-3.4.0

hope you can do something  

Hi Raphael,

this was a known issue of SDK 7.0, but was fixed with 7.1.

Please verify that the plugin version is 7.2.1.

If you are sure that the version is correct please try to use:


This should return 'false' on the Wiko Tommy2.

Best Regards,


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