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Adding a new target image/video to a project causes the existing deployed project to stop working.

About a month ago I starting hitting an issue where my currently deployed Wikitude JS Experiences that I downloaded from the Beta Studio stopped working as soon as I tried to add a new target image and video.  


After some debugging its error-ing out on this line of the generated experience in tools.js:


var tcResource = new AR.TargetCollectionResource(wtcFile.url);

The wtcFile.url is pointing to a 'target-manager-live' bucket on s3 that once I add the new target/image and video the url is no longer valid.  Once I replace the JS experience with a newly downloaded version the issue goes away.

The wtc file link you receive is temporary. You need to download the file and host it on your machines.

I am downloading the JS Experience zip file, expanding it and hosting it on S3.  Digging deeper looks like these temporary file locations that can change are part of the generated project.js file ( attached ).  If these files locations can change it seems like a bad idea to include them in the generated project files.

(3.46 KB)
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