Wikitude SDK 7.1.0 now includes ARKit and ARCore support!

ARKit and ARCore are now integrated into the Wikitude SDK and is available for testing. You can get the first developer preview for JavaScript and Native SDKs on our download page.

This integration helps developers to deliver optimal markerless augmented reality experiences on Apple’s high-end devices as well as on Android devices and overcome the accessibility limitations of ARKit / ARCore with instant tracking. This means, when ARKit / ARCore is not supported, Wikitude’s reliable SLAM technology kicks in and delivers the AR experience instead.

With this new dev release we are getting closer and closer to making augmented reality a possibility for all.

The addition of ARKit and ARCore to Wikitude’s SDK allows developers to optimize markerless AR experiences within a single API, making cross-platform development faster and smoother. Going beyond ARKit and ARCore, the Wikitude SDK delivers world-class geolocation, image recognition, and object recognition features, with ample device coverage (smartphones, smart glasses, and tablets) and multiple platform deployment (iOS, Android).

We have a sample app for you demonstrating how to to use our SDK 7.1 with ARKit. Take a look at the blog post here.

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