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Native Examples Project does not compile

Hi, I am new to WikiTude and I want to run Native Examples Project. I cannot compile the project. 

The error is:

"Cannot assign value of type Float to type CGFloat!"

My configuration: ios 11.2, Iphone 6.

You need to add this to your Info.plist file:

Key    :  Privacy - Camera Usage Description   
Value  :  $(PRODUCT_NAME) camera use

I debugged the problem and here is the result:


    0x185a4f040 <+0>:  mov    x16, #0x209

    0x185a4f044 <+4>:  svc    #0x80

->  0x185a4f048 <+8>:  b.lo   0x185a4f060               ; <+32>

    0x185a4f04c <+12>: stp    x29, x30, [sp, #-0x10]!

    0x185a4f050 <+16>: mov    x29, sp

    0x185a4f054 <+20>: bl     0x185a30bdc               ; cerror_nocancel

    0x185a4f058 <+24>: mov    sp, x29

    0x185a4f05c <+28>: ldp    x29, x30, [sp], #0x10

    0x185a4f060 <+32>: ret    

[access] This app has crashed because it attempted to access privacy-sensitive data without a usage description.

I made all of the fixes myself, the app got compiled, I ran it, but whenever I click on any example, the app immediately crashes and closes.

So eventually, the Native Examples Project does not work for me.

But after that, there is still NSNumber to float conversion error, which can be solved with a regular xcode fix button.

Solved with 

                targetAugmentation.xTranslation = CGFloat(pointCloudCoordinate!.pointee.x)

                targetAugmentation.yTranslation = CGFloat(pointCloudCoordinate!.pointee.y)

                targetAugmentation.zTranslation = CGFloat(pointCloudCoordinate!.pointee.z)

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