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Example with PhoneGap - ImageonTarget

Hello, we were finally be able to create a simple ImageonTarget App with Cordova/PhoneGap. 

The is based on an example of PhoneGap (PhoneGap - Samurai bot).

We do received a EDU license key for Wikitude but in this example, we are not able to add it and we have the "trial watermark" in our project.

Second problem, when we build our App for Android (apk) with, the Wikitude plugin is not working. It works only when we test our App via the PhoneGap Desktop tool.

Folder structure:


 - js/index.js   

 - js/wikitude.js

     - pgday/js/imageontarget.js (without our license key)

- plugins/com.wikitude.phonegap.WikitudePlugin/www/wikitude.js    
  (with our license key)

- node_modules/com.wikitude.phonegap.WikitudePlugin/www/wikitude.js

  (with our license key)

We really would appreciate any hints, help for the mentioned two problems. 

Attached is our www folder if you need to take a look at our files.

Thank you!

(391 KB)


Regarding the first problem, Cordova is updating its library frequently and, as a result, there have been some files duplicated. Some of these files include the SDK key that users need to replace. What you need to do is search for the string ‘SDKkey’ and put the license key you got from us in all the files you will find.

Regarding the second problem, please have a look at the post here



Hi Eva

According to Andreas comment a while ago there is no possibility to build the app (apk) with

Just wondering does it might work when we import our Cordova project into Android Studio and try to compile the app from there to an apk file? Any other advise?

Thank you

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