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target 3D and 2D in same collection


I have some technical questions about 3D and 2D obejt recognition.

1: Is it possible to have a library that contains multiple 3D object targets in the same target collection?

2: Is it possible in the same collection to target 3D objects and printed targets?

3: distance between targets: if it is possible to have in the same collection multiple 3D targets and 2D obejcts, does the misfit between targets still work?

I would like to create interaction between a 3D object and a printed document.

Thank you


Hello Cedric,

1. Yes, it is possible to create a .wto file that contains many object targets. Usually, the limitation that we have set there is no more that 10 objects in one .wto file.

2-3. It is not possible to have in one collection object and image targets because you would need different file formats for each target.



Thanks Eva ,

i must try to find a solution well lol...

Hi Ced,

There might be an option to do 2. I'm not sure whether it would work or how well it would work if it does but you could give it a try.  You could record your image target(s) in the same way you would record an object. So, make a 360 video and upload it. That should still recognize and track the image target reasonably well. However, option3 is still not feasible as we don't support multiple objects target recognition yet.



thanks i will try...

distance of target work with 3D target?

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