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Multiple .wtc in just one screen

Hello there! I am developing an application with AR. In one section I need to have several .wtc files to recognise any target from the 10 .wtc files that I have, I've been watching the dinosaurs example (several targets) but in fact this is not the thing I need, because I don't want to recognise them all at once, but one at a time in the same js. Furthermore, in that example, they only use one .wtc file, but I have created 10 (because each one represents one sculpture in a museum or a dinosaur).


I mean, I don't want all the dinosaurs in the screen, I want them one by one but in the same screen depending on the QR that I would be focusing. 

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Hello Mario Alberto Aguilar Olea,

I see you posted on GitHub as well, so I will paste the reply you got here so that other forum users can see it.

" Single target image tracking is all you need, then; a single .wtc file with your ten target images in it. The "Different Targets" sample of any of the sample apps does just that: tracking one target at a time, while having multiple targets in its collection (the surfer and the biker). The corresponding documentation can be found here:"



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