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Region Capture Unity


     I working on Wikitude Unity to do live texturing on a 3D model. I did it successfully using Vuforia by following this link

Does Wikitude have something similar to this for Region Capturing. That is captures a portion of ImageTarget and apply that as a texture to 3D Model. I am using Unity for development purpose.  Can anyone help me in this case. 


 Regarding the above question, I tried to find equivalents of Vuforia in Wikitude and the texturing worked to an extend. But I am stuck at a particular point. I need a method in Wikitude that returns the Camera Projection matrix just like the method in Vuforia  (Unity)


 Can anybody help me in this.




We don't offer at the moment a similar feature to RegionCapture.

However, to get the projection matrix, simply call camera.projectionMatrix on the camera component attached to WikitudeCamera and it should work.

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