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WTViewController line 26

Attempting to create an offline version of my Studio project. I successfully downloaded the IOS App Template and was able to run on my device (albeit with License Key Missing across the screen - though the camera view in the background appears to work). In following the instructions to paste the license key in WTViewController line 26, I am unable to find the file. I looked for equivalent code in ViewController and the various Headers in the WikitudeSDK.framework folder - but no luck. I was under the impression that the IOS App Template is complete and I shouldn't need to download anything further, but do I? 

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I think I may have found it - in viewController.m there is "self.architectView set LicenseKey" method and I imported my trial key and it appears to work. The video augmentation isn't being triggered, but I'll attempt to diagnose that one separately. 

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