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3D model trembling on iOS devices

Hi, we are developing the app with 3D model. 

Then 3D model appears on iOS devices it trembles a lot. Android app is ok. Could you possibly say how can we fix this problem or if there is any workaround?

In our app, we are using javascript SDK v.7.1. The target image has 3 stars. 

In addition, I am adding video to the post. 

Thank you! 


Hello Alexander,

Thank you for providing the video! Could you please tell me which device you are testing with - both Android and iOS? Also, are you working with our Javascript API or with any of our extensions and are you using Image Recognition?



Hi Eva,

we are testing both Android and IOS and using your JS API Image Recognition. But most problems are on iOS. 


Hi Alexander,

Could you please tell me which specific device you are testing with (os Version and model) for both Android and iOS?



iOS - iPhone 7 Plus

Android - Sony Xperia Z5

Hi Alexander for providing the info. Can you please send me your complete AR experience (.html, .css, .js files, assets, target images) so we can test internally?



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